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Thermi Va

Thermi Va  - Reclaims, Restores, Revives vaginal rejuvenation helps women reclaim their pre-baby or younger bodies.  Restores moisture, sensitivity, and revives intimacy  Some will also see improvement of mild urinary bladder leakage symptoms.  Thermi Va is a gentle treatment using a comfortable hand piece. 


$750 per treatment

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Thermi Smooth Face

Thermi Smooth Face uses radio frequency waves to tighten collagen in the face and neck areas. Especially around the eyes and mouth using dermal heating through a specially designed thermission regulated hand piece. 


$950 for 4 treatments

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Thermi Smooth Body

Thermi Smooth Body is performed by targeting the areas under the skin, providing a rejuvenating effect via collagen remodeling and a temporary reduction of cellulite.

$1400 for 4 treatments

Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Fraxel treatment uses patented fractional technology to target damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin. The laser only treats a small portion of the skin at a time, leaving the surrounding tissue intact, which promotes rapid healing.  Stimulates collagen and elastic fibers.  Great for acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation (brown spots).  Improves texture, tone, and color.  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  Great to remove sun damaged skin.  A deeper treatment than microneedling with more downtime. For maximum results, Fraxel Laser Resurfacing should be preformed as a series of treatments.  We offer packages at reduced rates. 


Consultation required for pricing.


Clear + Brilliant takes skincare to a whole new level. Not only does it improve unwanted signs of aging, it gives you the power to help prevent them.  Clear + Brilliant helps you recover the glow of younger looking skin.

Clear+ Brilliant will help you get

  • Naturally radiant and glowing skin

  • Renewed, ultra-soft & smoother texture

  • More even, uniform tone

  • Minimized pore appearance

$300  per treatment (Pkg of 5-$1200)


Broadband Light Laser Therapy is used to enhance and brighten your complexion by treating skin concerns and stimulating your body's production of collagen. This treatment can be used to correct a wide variety of dermal discolorations including:  Age Spots, Rosacea, Freckles, Dark Spots, Cherry Angiomas, and much more.

Treamtent prices vary per type and body areas. Call for a consultation.​

Laser Hair Reduction
Face and Body

Our lasers are the most effective in the world for the reduction of unwanted hair. The procedure uses laser light to penetrate blow the skin's surface and destroy the hair bulb. You will return to normal activity the same day. Four to seven treatments are usually required for maximum results. We offer package discounts when more than one treatment is purchased. What are you waiting for? Pitch the razor-and see the light!

Our lasers also treat red and brown spots on the face, hand, chest and neck. In addition, we can treat small veins on the face and legs with laser therapy.


Consultation required for pricing.  We offer a package of buy 5 get the 6th free.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

""beauty is our business"


Schedule Your Appointment Today

""beauty is our business"

Bio-Identical Hormones

Do you suffer from hot flashes, disrupted sleep, mood swings, fatigue and decreased sex drive? We can help!

Balancing horomones, adrenals and gut health can make a difference in your life. Each bio-identical, compounded, customized hormone replacement formula is created to fit your own individual needs and may change over time. This is the only way to achieve the proper balance. One size does not fit all. 


Consultation required for pricing.

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